Best Ham United

Best Ham United. Feeder club to Premier League and Europa Conference winners West Ham United. Formerly of Liga Porktugal Division 3. Demoted from Primeira Liga for cooking the books. Upon deeper investigation they were found to be within 6 degrees of separation from Man City's owners, being owned by a red post box on Stratford high street, and sponsored by a crypto currency with 12 followers on social media channels.

Now the boring stuff: 100% lightweight polyester sports performance football (soccer) shirt with full coverage dye-sublimation print designed in the USA and made in Asia.

Since this is a made to order garment, please refer to the size chart before ordering. Chart will be updated shortly with dimensions for 3XL-5XL.

1. Colors may print slightly differently in production.
2. If you'd like a women's cut shirt, drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll be able to oblige.