Team Bauer Bodoni 1926

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Bodoni is the name given to the serif typefaces first designed by Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) in the late eighteenth century and frequently revived since. Bodoni's typefaces are classified as Didone or modern. Bodoni followed the ideas of John Baskerville, increased stroke contrast reflecting developing printing technology and a more vertical axis—but he took them to a more extreme conclusion. Bodoni had a long career and his designs changed and varied, ending with a typeface of a slightly condensed underlying structure with flat, unbracketed serifs, extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes, and an overall geometric construction. Bauer Bodoni was designed by Heinrich Jost for Bauer Type Foundry in 1927. This version has finer details of the original Bodoni types. It works well for headlines, logos, advertising. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Although this version of the typeface is German in derivation, the original basis is Italian, so this design needed to represent both nations, but a heavier slant towards Italy was chosen. The blue is that of the Italian national team. The crest is a vintage 22 panel ball as would be used in 1926 but the positioning of the ball, with the two front sets of 3 panels, nicely allowed the two country flags to be worked in. Since the design is of Italian influence, the German flag is added on the nape vertically, along with the City of Frankfurt crest - home of Bauer Type Foundry - on the sleeve. The pin stripe design was constructed using the ascenders and descenders of the letterforms in a rhythmic offset pattern. And the central bar holding the name was actually influenced by Italian cologne brands like Armani - typeface: Didot - part of the of Didone classification - of which Bauer Bodoni is also classed.