Team Optima 1955

100% lightweight polyester sports performance football (soccer) shirt with full coverage dye-sublimation print designed by Limepickle LLC of the USA and made in China. Many sizes in stock presently. Stock levels mean exchanges may not be able to be provided for this product, so please refer to the size chart before ordering.

Optima is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf and released by the D. Stempel AG foundry, Frankfurt, Germany. Optima is an example of a modulated-stroke sans-serif, a design type where the strokes are variable in width. The typeface was inspired by classical Roman capitals and the stonecarving on Renaissance-period tombstones Zapf saw in Florence on a 1950 holiday to Italy. It was intended for Optima to be a typeface that could serve for both body text and titling. To prove its versatility, Zapf set his entire book About Alphabets in the regular weight. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

As the name suggests, it might provoke thoughts of Optimism, so the design is light and sunny. By using the modulated-stroke detail to form interlocking radials, a sunburst radiates out from the team crest. Obviously where Hermann Zapf is involved, you can’t ignore his dingbats typeface so they are used on the sleeves and the back of the neck, where the characters spell out his first name.